Three years ago, a race of aliens called Narsoreal made contact and gained asylum on Earth. In exchange for technology and medical advancements, the United States government allows the Narsoreal to collect and bond with the country’s “unwanted” citizens. In one city, a Narsoreal bond-matcher has set his sights on a small band of male and female prostitutes in desperate need of salvation. Each of the five has unique needs, but it just might be that there is a Narsoreal ready and willing to meet every one of them.

Ambrosia is all woman despite being genetically male. She likes who she is, how she looks, and she’s not changing for any man. Not even for an alien who’s supposed to love her forever—if that’s even real. To save herself from being alone and sinking even farther down the poverty line, Ambrosia consents to a match...only to have him turn tail and run at the sight of her. Proven right again about love being the real fairytale here, she decides to live a great life one her own. But then he comes back, determined to make their connection work, and Ambrosia has to decide if her stubborn pride is more important than maybe—just maybe—falling in love.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the fourth story in a 5-part series available individually and as a whole sold under the title “The Unwanted” which will be available by the end of 2013. Reading each story in order is recommended.

Keywords: gay erotic romance, m/m romance, cross-dressing, transexual, alternate universe, alien, prostitutes, short story