Michelle Birbeck "The Phantom Hour" was a Goodreads First Reads giveaway which I was fortunate enough to win!! Thank you :)
I'll start by saying that I liked the book. I really did! In short 16 pages there were full range of actions covered, taking place inside the main characters' heads and outside of them; full spectrum of emotions: starting from hatred ending with love. Everyone can find something for himself in this short story.
Although the story happens to be listed in a short horror stories list, I truthfully can't regard to it as a horror story. I didn't quiver in horror, no gooseflesh appeared, no nightmares at night. Instead it was rather fun. I could imagine the described situation very vividly; I could even recognize the thoughts in my head, which appears when I get awfully mad at someone I love. So awfully mad that at some point love and hate collides creating this one intrusive wish - to punch the loved one really really hard in the head to get him back on track.
The point is that those imaginations are mostly ignited by emotions; actions are dictated by passion. Even if someone dares to take an action, it's almost always a passion crime. The two opposite emotions - love and hate - are messing with your head, making you take a step. For those reasons you actually can't plan the passion crime, you can't enjoy it slowly, you can't forge your killing plans for months and then, after doing that, just go to the toilet and throw up. One excludes the other.
For those inconsistencies and some parts which doesn't seem too real to me (for instance, in my opinion, it's impossible to tie someone tight with band without actually waking him up) I had decided to put 3 stars for this story, but I really enjoyed the unexpected ending and got a message out of just 16 pages, which is more than good. So let it be 3,5, rounded up - 4 :)