This short book, the Law of Attraction & The Method is an introduction to the techniques necessary to make the LOA work for you. Best selling author Scott Soloff spells out in clear language why the Law of Attraction is real, how it works and the misconceptions surrounding The Secret.

The Method specifically shows you how to apply the Law of Attraction in order to get exactly what you want out of life. The Method consists of practical steps that you can take to get out of any problem, difficulty or reoccurring obstacles. The Method is a tried and true system to get exactly what you want out of life.

There is a great deal of material available about the Law of Attraction and The Secret. What they do not tell you is how to make it work. The Method is a concise book that outlines exactly what you need to do to rise in consciousness and manifest the life that you desire.


Saved My Life
This book saved my life. I was sinking into a depression that I thought I would never find my way out of when I found this gem. I have hope now. My career path has finally changed, I have more time for my children, which is what I have been praying for years (now i know HOW to pray), my relationship with my husband is better, even my softball skills are improving! If you need help, read this book! If you are happy, read this book! If you have a pulse, read this book!

Ted Pawlikowski
Just read The Method, The Money Myth, & Talks In The Key Of Life. Best explanation making the LOA work I have ever heard.

This is an excellent book, in my opinion. I have been a meditator for over thirty years, and have read many books on spirituality and the law of attraction. This book presents something most do not: a practical method for getting results. Most books are all about theory, but none helped me actually apply the law until I found this one. Thanks, again

By Roy
This is an absolute genius and simplified perspective on the LOA. Truth guided steps into releasing the power of the Almighty into any and every place in life. REAL STUFF!!!!

I love this little book...I am inspired. Thank you for this...I have been going the wrong direction. I will write you again...soon.

It is so good to read a practical application to the secret that actually puts God into the equation and not self. We can do nothing of ourselves. Thank you for writing this book.