Contempt For Court is a modern day true story of corruption and abuse of power by law enforcement and the judiciary in the "New South."

The author is the only coach in Little League who has African-American kids on his team, and he befriends a twelve year old who has never been given the opportunity to play ball in a white world.As he develops into a superstar their friendship grows, and he tries to explain to his coach what it is like to be black in Northern Florida. It is only after the death of his twelve year old friend in an automobile accident that the author really understands what his friend tried so hard to convey.

When the author is the victim of an armed assault by an intoxicated "Christian" good old boy, his attempts at prosecution are met with a "circling of the wagons" around his assailant by his friends in law enforcement and the judiciary.

Contempt for Court is completely documented with over one hundred pages of actual court documents.

Old ghosts are alive and well in the New South.