What do a bunch of parahuman superhero's do when they have defeated all the superhuman criminals? In the case of Just Cause they train, they go out on patrol and maybe nab a purse snatcher or stop a woman from jumping off a bridge or perhaps they hold a weekly poker game that lately has developed into an almost anything goes party. Bur perhaps that is going to change, when a young woman who killed her rapist by creating a vacuum and imploding his organs comes to the city and a barely teenage boy engineering geniuswho hates almost everyone and everything except maybe his younger sister builds a giant robot that has the power to destroy almost anything and decides to get even for all the bullying that he has gone through.

Mr Healy has writing a good entertaining book that has the elements needed for a good story. That said this was also a book that I did not find to be one I started and didn't want to put down but more one that I would pick up and read with my morning coffee, thus the 4 star rating instead of 5 stars. This is one of those books that you read when you find yourself with free time and want something that is just pure escapism.