The Rath Haven Chronicles: A Shadow of Light by Rachel DeFriez is a wonderful novel about a young girl on the edge of her powers. Where do they come from, those larger than life, leaders of men like Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, Caesar and Napoleon? Jane Weston knows the answer because her brother Jack is one. The two are Averiens, descended from the super race, carrying the blood of Tuatha. Although having a hero for a big brother occasionally comes in handy, Jane has always secretly wondered what it would be like to try a moment in the spotlight herself. She's about to find out. A live fairy tale is brewing in her new backyard, and she is destined to be its unlikely heroine when she's caught in the crossfire of their rivaling factions. She has to reach her twelfth birthday to inherit the magic she needs to rescue her fairy grandmother's dying soul. Until then, she'll have to survive using the bit of power left in her grandmother's wand. Fortunately for Jane, Jack is a true big brother, the kind a heroine can trust with her soul-literally. Trusting Cousin Will, on the other hand, is a completely different story. They have already rescued him from the labyrinth hidden in the old mine, not to mention from the local county sheriff. It seems the only power Will is destined to wield is the uncanny ability to find trouble wherever he goes and wriggle out of it. In true fairy tale form, Jane finds that trust is a matter of love and that love is the key to her power. A Shadow of Light is fun, but it dips deeply into the locked powers hidden for ages in the human soul and the world around us.