Lisa McDonald aka Elizabeth Smart, witnessed a crooked cop killing an innocent man in cold blooded murder just over three years ago. She has been on the run ever since. She has been living in the town of Passion Victoria for a little over twelve months and is beginning to relax and live a normal life.
A night out on the town with her best friend Natasha Cameron is the start of events she would never have dreamed. Two cops on a table close to her and Tash are eying Beth with lasciviousness. They wheedle an introduction out of Tash and begin to chase after Beth. Beth is determined to keep the two cops, Noah D'Angelo and Zachary Beech, at arms length with her haughty, feisty facade. Until one late afternoon Noah visits her at home and informs her a stranger is asking about her under her real name. Zach calls his brother for help and the three big men are determined to keep her safe as well as bed her. They want a poly-amorous relationship with Beth.
Beth is kidnapped by the crooked cop and all seems lost. Will her three men get to her in time and become her saviors? Or will they be too late?