Three French comedies revolving around marriage, misidentification, medicine—and money! DOCTOR SCRATCH, by Noel le Breton, is a clever and hilarious farce, in which love becomes hopelessly entangled in the attempts by the characters to improve their declining financial situations. THE SERVANT PROBLEM, by Alain-Rene Lesage, the well-known novelist, two criminals manage to insert themselves as valets to several young men looking to marry the daughters of wealthy families—and decide to abscond with the dowry themselves! In THE FORFEITURE, by Charles Dufresny, a handsome young man is constricted in his marriage prospects by the fact that his two maiden-lady aunts control the family fortune, which can only be forfeited to him if they marry. Another valet takes charge by seducing both women in different guises. Three very funny—and very modern—takes on the art and science of romancing!