I grew up with all the knowledge of Robin Hood, as my Uncle is a huge Robin Hood afficianado... I knew who all the Merry Men were, saw all the films, he even had a little old play set of Robin Hood (we girl cousins fought over who got to be Maid Marion), and I don't know how many times I have seen the Disney cartoon version... Maybe 15? To this day, the theme whistle in the movie is the one you will catch my Uncle whistling as he goes about his work... He even had a costume when I was a kid, that he would wear for special events. So, with that, I read this book "in the know". I still love the story. The characters are fantastic, esp. the horrid Prince John and the terrible Sheriff of Nottingham! There is much adventure, much merriment, much running and hiding, and lots of jousting and testing of the skills. Everything a great story should have. Plus, this edition has some really beautiful artwork by Newell Convers Wyeth, and that makes it even more fun to read!