Interesting.My main complaint was the focus—what I really wanted was more info on the gemstones used in jewelry, and this book focused more on gemstones in general, thus spending a lot of space on the rare and unsuitable for jewelry.Also, the book includes so many pictures of rare variations, that it gives a skewed idea of what the stone normally looks like.(Especially for fluorite!)I did come to understand one main source of confusion.Scientists today know a lot more about chemical structure, and use that to differentiate rocks, paying little or no attention to aspects such as color, which tends to be caused by impurities.But from the jewelry-making aspect, color is all important, and in the past different stones of the same color often got lumped together and thought of as the same (see emeralds, jade, rubies, sapphires, etc.)Still, as a jewelry maker, I am more interested in learning to recognize the commonly sold gemstones than learning about the difference in specific gravity between two rare stones I will never come across.Nice photography.