The book that I'd review is called BEWARE THE SNAKE'S VENOM (Choose Your Own Nightmare) by Edward Packard . The book contains the genre of adventure . The message(theme)of the book overall was don't always trust strangers. The main characters are "You" and Maggie.
The Story starts with "You" and Maggie and Maggie's dad decided to go
on a trip to the Granite Caverns. So there they met there guide "Coyote" once known tribe member of a mysterious clan.
So Coyote guided them a long way through the caverns. There "You" found a book that connects to the past history of the caves and you notice that Coyote is onto you. As the story unfolds you discovered that Coyote is after the item "you" possess so as Maggie and "you" try to escape, Coyote's plan backfired and he was trapped inside the caverns. "You" and Maggie are free and thus you found the key to the hidden treasure.

I though the book was interesting on how the author had let you choose your choices throughout the book. When you could choose your paths go and how your fate will be like on each ending you choose. The book also reflected on the history's past of the country, by telling some of the history of the Native Americans. The author also described the one of the tribe.

Overall the book intrigued me,how one trip could turn out to be one of the characters most breaking moment.I would recommend readers around my age or younger whose are interest in mystery and adventure books. If you are fans of "Indiana Jones",or "Pocahontas"then i'm sure you'll get to like this book.