Lee Wardlaw swears that her first spoken word was 'kitty'. Since then, she's shared her life with 30 cats (not all at the same time!) and published close to 30 award-winning books for young readers, selling more than one million copies world wide.

Lee's newest books include Won Ton - A Cat Tale Told in Haiku, winner of the 2012 Lee Bennett Hopkins Children's Poetry Award and the 2012 Myra Cohn Livingston Poetry Award (among others); Red, White and Boom!, a 2013 CCBC Choice; and 101 Ways to Bug Your Friends and Enemies, which won the 2012 Forward National Literature Award for Humor.

Lee has a B.A. in Education, an AMI-Primary Diploma from the Montessori Institute of San Diego, and will receive her M.Ed. from Loyola University, Maryland, in 2014.

A former teacher, Lee continues to keep up-to-date with children, tweens and teens by presenting frequently at schools, libraries, bookstores and conferences.She lives in Santa Barbara, CA, with her husband, teenage son, and three former shelter cats.