Jasmine married her husband, Edward, shortly after college even though she loved another. Though she had spent four years studying archeology at the Cairo College, she ended up joining Edward in a political career. Now, six years later, she finds herself back in Egypt where Edward, an Ambassador for the United States, is kidnapped. Jasmine and the guard assigned to protect her family reach out to an expert in terrorism for help in recovering Edward. Jasmine never expected that the expert would be Rajah, the man she left to marry Edward. Now Jasmine must work with a man she still loves to rescue the man she married, and Rajah's demanding the answers he never got before: why did she end their relationship so abruptly and with no warning to marry Edward just weeks later? Jasmine must open up and confess what happened six years before that made her leave. She must also face the future once she learns that a rival terrorist faction killed Edward. Just as Jasmine finds the happiness she’d long ago abandoned, her husband is found alive.

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