‘Parenting: Keep it Simple & Do it Right’ is designed to be a practical guide to parenting problems and real life solutions that any parent in any situation will find helpful. It is not overly wordy, long-winded or complicated. I kept the language simple and the content pure. I left out all the adjectives and wrote this book without the usual self ego inflating style that I have found in far too many other self-help titles. I trust that this book and what’s inside will work as well for you as it has for me and many others.

It took me many years to try and assemble a book about Parenting that included what I felt were the best and most successful ideas for and methods of child rearing. Having successfully raised seven children and been married to the same wonderful woman for the past twenty-eight years, I definitely wanted to include our solutions to common problems that all parents face at one time or another.

I also had a desire to make sure that my book included practical advice that I have received from legitimate experts who not only know what they are talking about, but have actually helped people with all sorts of parenting issues. What I did not want was for my book to be ‘preachy’ or give readers the impression that they were going to have to muddle their way through yet another parenting book with all kinds of politically correct and touchy-feely ideas that simply do not work in real life.