At Swan Valley High School in the suburbs of L.A., Kristina Williams is a newly single junior with a dark past. With her best friend, Lena, she must navigate the stormy waters of high school drama in order to find happiness amongst vicious ex-boyfriends, pestilent rumors, and, of course, school work.

Henry is the new kid at school. Fresh off the plane from England with a girlfriend in tow, Henry must adapt to the American life and overcome obstacles not unlike Kristina’s. When he, too, is betrayed by his significant other, he strives to find a way to move on and escape his past.

Thrown together against their will, Kristina and Henry vow to get back at their exes and date each other. However, they must deal with the consequences of a contrived relationship and the emotions that form from within it.

Will their plan backfire when emotions take control? Will the secrets of Kristina’s dark past surface once again?

One thing is for sure: they will be challenged to take control of their lives. So the real question is, when the challenge is met and the dust settles, will they come out together, or alone?