Slip into a different time with these ten classic historical romances. Fiery heroines, strong heroes, dangerous villains, historical details, exotic settings and happy endings abound. Bestsellers in their own time, these titles earned their place in this collection based on their enduring appeal. Enter another world with these little-known but breathtaking romances.

These novels are carefully formatted for your Kindle, with title and chapter headings and a table of contents that is easy to navigate. This edition also includes several original illustrations. Enjoy more than a million words and 2,000-plus pages of historical romance all in one edition. This edition also includes a brief summary of each novel – choose your favorite and start reading! You won’t be able to put down this dazzling collection of rare romantic gems.

About the Novels

The Black Moth by Georgette Heyer

Falsely accused, John Carstare, an Earl, rejects society to become a highwayman. But when he rescues the lovely Diana from a villainous Duke, he is determined to protect her, and soon falls for the fiery beauty. This is the first novel by beloved historical romance author Georgette Heyer.

Emily Fox-Seton by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This romance, by the author of The Secret Garden and A Little Princess, is actually two books - The Making of a Marchioness followed by its sequel, The Methods of Lady Walderhurst. Emily is content with her humble life and meager income. Everyone in her life takes her for granted, but when Lord Walderhurst discovers this lovely woman, he can’t resist her charms.

An Egyptian Princess by Georg Ebers
Set in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Persia, this is a sweeping historical saga told through the eyes of an Egyptian princess.

Lamp in the Desert by Ethel M. Dell

Set in India, this historical romance features an army captain named Everard, who is desperately in love with a young woman called Stella. Stella marries another man, one whose character is in doubt, but when Everard discovers the truth about Stella’s supposed new husband, he’s determined to make things right. Drama, intrigue, and romance soon follow.

The Mountain Girl by Payne Erskine

A young English doctor from a wealthy family travels to North Carolina to recover his health. There he falls in love with an extraordinary young woman, but they must overcome obstacles – including their very different backgrounds.

The Sheik by Edith M. Hull

In this classic bodice-ripper, the feisty and adventurous Diana sets off on a month-long trip into the desert, but she’s kidnapped and ravaged by Ahmed ben Hassen, a sheik whose passions both shock and excite Diana. The basis for the movie with Rudolph Valentino.

The Shuttle by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Enter the world of an English village before the first World War in this delightful romance. American heiress Bettina Vanderpoel must rescue her sister from a disastrous marriage to an impoverished and evil Englishman, Sir Nigel. Can another, far nobler Englishman save the day and win Bettina’s heart?

A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe

Set on the northern shores of Sicily, this gothic romance follows Julia, daughter of a fallen aristocrat. Julia is in love with one man but about to be forced to marry another. She must flee to avoid the dungeons and remain with her true love.

To Have and To Hold by Mary Johnston

An English soldier turned explorer in colonial Jamestown buys a wife. Little does he know that the lovely Jocelyn is the escaping ward of King James I.