Someone has kidnapped Petrus’ nephew, Freedom Mabena. They are using him to force his father to reveal to them the location of a secret arms cache left over from the South African apartheid war.

Petrus calls on his friend Garrett to return to Africa once again to do what he does best. And together, the two friends set out to rescue Freedom and to exact retribution on all involved.

But the depth of deceit, betrayal and corruption go deeper than they had ever expected.

Once again they are pitted against overwhelming odds ”" but they won’t stop.

Because this time, they are fighting for Freedom.

˃˃˃ New York Times Best Seller, Michael Marshal says...

Brutal and Uncompromising with unforgettable characters and real emotional punch -

C. MARTEN-ZERF raises the bar on how good intelligent action thrillers can be."

˃˃˃ The Review, London says...

Hard hitting and grittily realistic Marten-Zerf never fails to impress, once again combining fast paced frequent action with gut wrenching emotion ”" another sure fire winner.

˃˃˃ Award winning author...

Voted "Best Read" by Radio London's BBC 4

Winner of the Golgonooza Gold medal

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