In this story, Henry and Mudge are invited to a sleepover at Patrick’s house.All of Patrick’s friends and their dogs are invited to the event. On the night of the sleepover they all gathered in the living room of Patrick’s house.However, they were a bit too bouncy to stay there and moved the sleepover upstairs to the attic. During the sleepover they played games, watched scary movies, and of course ate pizza and popcorn. At the end of the night everyone got in their sleeping bags to go to bed and all the dogs cuddled up with Mudge for a good night sleep. I would use this story for guided reading in a second grade class.Before reading, I would ask the students what they do with their friends on the weekends. Then I would tell a little anecdote about what I like to do with my friends on the weekend.Next, I would have them turn and tell their neighbor about it.I would ask a few to share their ideas.I would tell them that they were going to read a story about Henry, Mudge, and all their friends who are going to have a big slumber party together. Then I will tell the student’s let’s read to find out what the slumber party is like!