WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME????? I love Main Street books! Except this one bugged me. I can't even really explain it. I just didn't like Ann M. Martin msking a statement about girl power and single motherhood. And it seemed kind of weirdish and out of the book's character to have Aunt Allie all sad about Paul leaving her and leaving a note pinned to her pillowcase. I was like "Ummm.....this is a children's book. Okay, maybe a children's soap opera, but still a children's book. And no one really likes Aunt Allie. Sorry." And there was just this one cheesy sentence in Willow's point of view that bugged the crap out of me. Here it is: "Hunting was wrong, senseless, useless, and cruel, and now her father was going to make her spend this Thanksgiving, which was already horrible, in a place called Deer Lodge." Honestly, Ann M. Martin, there is something called subtlety. You should try it sometime, instead of thrusting your opinions on the shallow minds of ten year old girls. Besides that, the book was okay. There were still stupid Olivia and Jacob moments *rolls eyes* but thankfully they were few and far between. But there was also her sterotypical cousin who said stuff like "Girl, no way!" and "Nuh-uh, girlfriend!" I am now starting to doubt if Ann M. Martin actually knows any teenagers besides the Baby-Sitters' Club. I think that is the extent of my ranting. So anyway, in this one, Ruby gets to on her high horse about singing and neglects practices so she can go earn money cleaning out basements. Okay. That's fine. But then at the concert, she doesn't start her solo on the right beat and it's like she's commited one of the seven deadly sins. For Heaven's sake, this ten year old gets put on PROBATION FROM A COMMUNITY CHILDREN'S CHORUS! That was weird. And then we have more of saintly Flora. Quiet, polite, honest, intelligent, studious, responsible, ladylike Flora. I hate her so much. Well. That is all I can think of to say.