Valerie Wyatt is an award-winning editor and author of more than 14 non-fiction books, many of them about science. She also writes on historical topics. Asked if she has a favorite book, she says it’s always the one she’s just finished.

She began her career at OWL magazine in 1978. It was her job to answer readers’ questions. Kids would write in and ask, Do fish sleep? or Why can’t you sneeze with your eyes open? To track down the answers, she would interview scientists. From there she branched out into books.

She is also a children’s book editor and has edited more than a hundred children’s books. In 2004 she received the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence.

She loves writing and editing for children because it’s not just about words. “You have to think about the photographs and illustrations as well and make sure they fit together,” she says. “It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.”

She lives in Victoria, British Columbia, with her husband and dog, MacPherson MacDonald.