Flotsam was the first David Wiesner book I read and so far it remains my favorite. I have enjoyed most of his books and this one was excellent. It’s an unusual Wiesner in that there’s significant text, but the illustrations are amazing and on their own are able to tell the bulk of this story.

I love vegetables and I’ve never seen them in a story in such a creative and fantastic way, fantastic with every meaning of that word. I really enjoyed the humor; there’s probably more that I found funny here than in any other Wiesner book I’ve read thus far. This is my fifth Wiesner book and, despite those initially disconcerting words, I think it’s my second favorite of this author’s, which is very high praise. I’m happy to see other Wiesner books I’ve yet to read, and I assume and hope that he continues to illustrate/write these wonderful books.