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Nadia was in her happy place, but all that was about to change.
When Nadia’s sisters arrive foretelling doom for her and the local pack she’s forced into a situation where she has to work with the same pack that have been hounding her since she moved to town. It’s an unhappy alliance, but one that she needs to live with in order to… live.
The Alpha is determined to save his pack from the Werewolves that have been attacking with what seems to be uncharacteristically controlled tactical awareness. Suspecting that magic lurks somewhere behind the scenes, he is reluctantly forced to accept the help of the Fae when they appear to hold the answers.
But things don’t always go to plan. Saving the Witch shouldn’t have been high on his agenda, but when push comes to shove, he needs to decide if splitting the pack and fighting on two fronts is worth the risk.

Adult Content