4.5 stars

Origin of the Giant Penny!
Ok, maybe nobody else cared, but I thought it was cool of Snyder to give that massive Penny that Bruce keeps in the Batcave, a fresh start.
Dear Mr. Snyder,
Could you do the Dinosaur next?

This is the second arc of Zero Year, which is Snyder's New 52 origin story for Batman.
It's not as dark as some of the previous origins, but it's not exactly light and fluffy, either.
This is a younger version of the Dark Knight. He's fallible, relatively inexperienced as Batman, and more mouthy than what we're used to seeing.
He sort of reminds me of Dick Grayson, with the snappy comebacks during fight scenes, you know?
Did I just say Snappy?
Holy shit. I did.
Did you know, that every time someone uses snappy in a sentence...
Somewhere an angel gets his AARP card?
That's deep, man. DEEP.

Anyhoo. Edward Nigma (last seen abandoning Wayne Industries) has returned as a full-fledged super villain.
The Riddler!
He's planning on taking Gotham hostage, and cleansing the earth, so to speak.
Can Batman unravel the clues fast enough to stop him?
Surprisingly...not at first.
Butbutbutbutbut, you say. He's the goddamn Batman!
Yeah, not so much. Or at least, not quite yet.
Butbutbutbutbut, you say. Batman is too well-prepared to be caught unawares!
Yeah, but nobody is born with Bruce Wayne's level of paranoia. That sort of thing is learned.
I mean, unless you're schizophrenic, of course.
So, I'm thinking that by showing Batman pull an epic fail, Snyder is giving us a solid reason for his wildly detailed contingency plans.
And also the Penny. Because, really, that was a highlight for me.

There were a couple of scenes I raised my eyebrow at, but, on the whole, this was another solid Snyder/Capullo team-up.
And if you're not reading this title, then you need to turn in you Cool Kid card.
Thank you, NetGalley!

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