Things are going from bad to worse for Zoe Lake. Actually, if there’s something beyond worse – she’s pretty sure that’s the world she’s living in these days.
Between threats from hometown werewolves, visits from sarcastic ghosts and the eternal struggle of what shoes to wear to a party, Zoe can’t fit much more on her plate.
Covenant College was supposed to be a new beginning. Instead, it’s becoming a frightening ending for a series of girls that have gone missing during the winter semester. The problem is, there are so many monsters on the Covenant College campus, narrowing down the suspect list seems like an impossible feat.
Even with the help of her witchy roommate, Zoe isn’t sure where to start looking. When you add in the mysterious vampire that comes and goes as he pleases and the territorial werewolf that keeps showing up at the worst time imaginable, this semester at Covenant College is exactly the opposite of what Zoe expected – and more importantly, wanted.
Of course, things can always get worse. As the disappearances multiply, and more information about Zoe’s true nature comes to light, the true test for Zoe might be whether or not she can survive until summer vacation.

Warning: These characters are a little snarky and sarcastic. It’s not for everyone.