The author's of Glass Tower Trilogy happen to be two longtime friends, who met in the fashion industry years ago. They currently live in two different states and have co-written multiple pieces together but have not published until now.

The inspiration of other successful self-published authors has blazed the trail for Adler and Holt, and has led them to the world of E-Publishing.

Thus, The Glass Towers Trilogy was created and much more to follow!

Books on Amazon published by Adler and Holt:

Glass Towers Trilogy:
Book 1- Champagne Showers
Book 2- Shattered
Book 3- Surrendered
Book 4- Harrison Towers, Memoirs of a Mogul

Simone Clarke- Musings of a Lonely Girl Abroad, Paris

Her Power, His Shame...The Breaking (Book #1 in the Her Power, His Shame Series)
**Relentless Pursuit (due out in September 2013)
**The Trifecta (due out October 2013)

Simone Clarke- Musings of a Lonely Girl Abroad, Italy (due out Fall 2013)