All 3 of J.S. Morin's best-selling epic fantasy Twinborn Trilogy books in one volume

Firehurler - 4.6 average star rating with 68 reviews
Aethersmith - 4.7 average star rating with 23 reviews
Sourcethief - 4.6 average star rating with 21 reviews

One world of magic. One world of reason. Two lives intertwined in connection mistaken for a dream.

Kyrus Hinterdale is about to get drawn into a conflict the likes of which he could never have imagined. His discovery that the world in his dreams is real, and that his twin within that world dreams of him, sets him off on a quest of self-discovery that could reshape two worlds. He is not alone with this special vision. Others like him had been at it far longer, working secret plots and stealing secrets from one world to take advantage in the other. Caught in the middle of an ancient conflict, Kyrus and his twin, Brannis, must discover who can be trusted, who must be watched, and who is out to kill him.

Praise for the Twinborn Trilogy:

"If you read only one fantasy this year, make it this one!" - Theresa Snyder

"Original Concept, Perfectly Executed!" - Richi from Two Reads

"Intricately detailed, awesome read" - Mel Chesley from Caldonia Lass

"It is quite astonishing that author J.S. Morin can craft not only one breathtakingly vivid fantasy world, but two." - The Book Brothers