This books is both good and bad - hence the hung judgement. The good, the story as predicted is show signs of tipping and not for the good. There are cracks showing not only in the war effort but also in the Jedi order and you can start to see how a once noble and unified order appears to be simply all but wiped out - and now sadly the bad. the artwork changes style - and swings towards a style I am not so comfortable with. Don't get me wrong a story on its now I am sure I would love - but here - in the middle of a book in the middle of a series - I am sorry but it jars. The style accentuates contrast practically putting harsh straight lines to almost everything - I am no expert I will be the first to admit it so forgive my observation but it almost feels like the artist has tried to take on Manga styles and it does not quite work. But on the whole the book is a good read - and I like how you can see the cracks yet they are not so obvious as you want to scream at the characters "What you really cannot see what is happen!!!!"