With "TERRORISTS WITHIN OUR WALLS, The Principles of Correctional Counterterrorism",
Eric M. Vogt, CHS-V takes the complex subject of counterterrorism in prisons and places it into easy-to-understand language and a simple format. This is written as a professional training tool for peace officers.

It is an inexpensive means for funding-strapped correctional and law enforcement agencies to utilize as a training handbook for their officers and support personnel.

It is also helpful for colleges and universities that offer criminal justice courses in terrorism and prison related subjects.

Private security professionals will appreciate its principles, which not only apply to counterterrorism in prisons, but to terrorism prevention and emergency response.

There is also a list for law enforcement and corrections officers that recommends counterterrorism programs that are free to them.

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Comments about Eric's counterterrorism expertise:

"Great!" —- Special Investigative Agent, BOP

"I have to say WOW! Very interesting stuff."
— Lieutenant, Federal Bureau of Prisons

"Very informative. Thanks for sharing this information with us." — Lieutenant, BOP

"Thanks for putting out the information. I think sometime we will say we knew it was coming."
—- Lieutenant, BOP

"I can't get enough of this stuff!"
—- Lieutenant, BOP

"Good and interesting material."
—- Lieutenant, BOP

"Good information." —- Lieutenant, BOP

"Thanks for taking the time to put something informative together that can be used in this environment and outside as well."
—-Correctional Officer, BOP

"Very informative. I really liked how you put things in there that related to the institution."
—-Correctional Officer, BOP

"Very informative! Thanks for putting it together. I think it really hits home for staff to pick up on things." —- Correctional Officer, BOP

"Great information and very clear."
—- Law Enforcement Officer, BOP

"This information is very valuable. I hate to think I missed a warning. Now I have a bigger understanding of the really BIG picture."
—- Law Enforcement Officer, BOP