Two holy sisters discover a little girl in the woods playing with a bear. After a harrowing rescue, they whisk her back to their convent/ orphanage, where she mysteriously insists that Jesus is her brother. And, she floats!
Throughout the story, the child’s spiritual powers are gradually revealed. It becomes a question of faith: Are the strange events that surround this child of God true miracles meant to deliver redemption for the people in her life? Or is she simply a precocious child?

God’s Only Daughter is a compelling and thought-provoking tale that takes place near the end of WWII. Told alternately through the voice of the little girl and that of one of the nuns who found her, Damon Galeassi delivers a unique and moving story of salvation and love.

Readers will find this unique story of God’s Only Daughter fascinating and unforgettable.