Originally printed in a small edition and withdrawn after one month by the publisher, Pocket Books, "Freaks" — out of print for nearly 20 years — was brought back to eyepopping life, with many new photos, by the renowned marginal culture press RE/Search. Now Juno Books, morphed from the now-defunct RE/Search, has brought "Freaks" back into the mainstream publishing fold with panache.In "Freaks", meet the strangest people who ever lived, and read about: the notorious love affairs of midgets
— the dwarf clown's wife whose feet grew directly from her body
— the famous pinhead who inspired Verdi's Rigoletto
— the 34-inch-tall midget happily married to his 264 lbs. wife
— the human torso who could sew, crochet, and type and other bizarre accounts of normal humans turned into freaks — either voluntarily or by evil design!