“A Pocket For Corduroy” by Don Freeman is about an adventurous teddy bear. He has green overalls and he goes on a trip to the laundry mat with his owner Lisa and her mom. While he is there he discovers he really wants a pocket. When he goes off to find material and a button to make his pocket this creates a problem. Lisa can’t find him when her laundry is done and so she has to come back tomorrow to get him. Readers are able to see Corduroy's strength while staying there alone all night.
Overall I definitely enjoyed this classic book. The illustrations used a great shadowing effect that allowed the pictures to look realistic. I liked the happy and entertaining facial expressions of Corduroy as well as the simple layout of each page. Growing up this was one of the books I was read every night. Children can learn a lot from the themes found in this book. Corduroy’s bravery and Lisa’s friendship with her teddy bear are truly admirable. I absolutely recommend this book to all young readers!