"With his twists and turns in poems like "Spaghetti Sauce" and "The Tenth Commandment" Brian Rosenberger is the modern-day Saki of the poetry world. In "9 to 5" he dumps on the workplace ("the suicide crawl of the second hand"). In "State of Decay" (...a tattoo that seemed a good idea at the time") he mourns the waste of his intellect. In the powerful "You Don't Hear the One that Hits You" a lost love is compared to Russian roulette. Rosenberger can be hilarious, as in "By Pork Possessed," or deep, as in the title poem, but he's always right in your face. Whether you like it, or not." Cindy Rosmus: editor Yellow Mama, author of collections: Angel of Manslaughter, Gutter Balls, Calpurnia's Window, and No Place Like Home. ..".spiked with poisoned puns and acid alliteration... Rosenberger's blamk verse wriggles with imagery as witty as it is disreputable." Ramsey Campbell