In the book Red Zone by Tiki Barber him and his brother Ronde who are now both in the NFL tell us about how their years of middle school football played out. It was Tiki and Ronde's 8th grade year of middle school and they were bound to win state, they were by far the best team in their conference. Shortly after their season started chicken pox slowly plagued the team.
One after another all the best player on the team started to get chicken pox. After a game Ronde started to break out with chicken pox, he so desperately wanted to play that once he got home he stole some of his moms make up and put it on before so school so he could still play. Then once the chicken pox really got bad he couldn't play. After that when the state championship rolled around Ronde was devistated by the fact he couldn't play. He was sitting on the couch in his living room listening to the radio, he looked outside and it was raining hard, on the radio he heard an update about the state championship game. As he listened attentively he heard the person on the radio say the game was canceled to weather. Ronde was amazed he was so excited. He had his mom drive him to the field that night, everyone on the team was excited to see him.
The next day Ronde and Tiki both played an amazing game they beat the opposing team and the opposing teams kicker missed the kick and thats what made them lose