Ahmet Ümit was born in 1960 in the city of Gaziantep in southern Turkey. He moved to Istanbul in 1978 to
attend university. In 1983 he both graduated from the Public Administration
Faculty of Marmara University and wrote his very first story. An active member
of the Turkish Communist Party from 1974 until 1989 Ümit took part in the
underground movement for democracy while Turkey was under the rule of a
military dictatorship between 1980-1990. In 1985-86 he illegally attended the
Academy for Social Sciences in Moscow.
Ümit worked in the advertising sector from 1989-1998 and is currently employed
as cultural advisor at the Goethe Foundation in Istanbul. He has one daughter Gül.
Since 1989 Ümit has published one volume of
poetry three volumes of short stories a book of fairytales one novella and
six novels. One of Turkey’s
most renowned contemporary authors Ümit is especially well-known for his
mastery of the mystery genre as reflected in many of his bestselling novels and
short story volumes. Drawing upon the unique political and historical
background of his home country Ümit delves into the psyches of his
well-wrought characters as he weaves enthralling tales of murder and political

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