I spent 18 years of my professional life as a social worker specializing in the problems of the aging. Thirteen of those years were in nursing homes and rehab facilities. I could always identify the families of residents with Alzheimer's: they had big black circles under their eyes from lack of sleep. The 36 Hour Day was and is still the best thing written for the loved ones and caregivers of dementia patients. This book will help you deal with the terrible burdens of anger, love, guilt and confusion that dementia imposes on its victims and those who love them. In this one volume you will find out what to expect and many ways of dealing with it. Personality changes, weird, unpredictable behaviors, outbursts of emotion, loss of simple skills and uncontrollable anxiety can make even your beloved Mom into a terrible burden to her caregivers. How do you cope when your darling Daddy turns into a befuddled stranger? What do you do when the state troopers find Auntie Elma on Highway 19 in her nightie? Who do you turn to for advice? Where do you get the best medical care? Can you keep Mom at home or does she need an institution? This book really does have some good answers and some hints on other questions you may need to answer. This book can save you a lot of stress, trust me, I KNOW THIS!