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There is no other book like it! Comprehensive, illustrated, documented, explosive! Movie stars-heroes and role models who in real life are the scum of the earth. Their names (Males & Females, past & present); the nymphomaniacs, homosexuals, lesbians, junkies, drugs addicts, rapists, suicidal, felons & murderers. Names of the women and stars Kennedy slept with. Hollywood repulsive moguls, producers, directors. Greatest scandals in Hollywood's history, past & present. Stars naked ambition. Stars insanity, wild sex parties, orgies, and obsession with money, greed, fame, power, and who are they? How they did it, when, how, and with whom? Their names, enter their donjons, and learn everything about their most repulsive life style and way of life. Hollywood's most tragic events, suicides, murders, cover-ups, conspiracies, human drama, and how some of the biggest stars ended their career and life, penniless and homeless in the streets and dark alleys.

It includes:
Airbrush her cleavage maestro!
• At the beginning, the names of early movie stars were not important.
• The glamour syndrome
• Airbrush her cleavage, maestro!
• No more talent is required.
• The fascination of Hollywood with actresses’ legs.
• Hollywood’s silly press releases, publicity campaigns, and fictitious stories about actresses.
• Florenz Ziegfeld and Anna Held
• Debra Paget
• Stars are not necessarily the good or bad characters they play on the screen or the cliché/stereotype given to them by the media.
A juicy synopsis. From Hollywood’s grapevine, and what it seems to be true!
• Hollywood is not a healthy place, and its people are the scum of the earth!
• Nazimova and the Garden of Alla (Allah)
• Orgies and voyeurism
• Excerpt from the autobiography of Harpo Marx
• The “Party House” in Time magazine
• Roster of Orgies, Masturbation, and Voyeurism Regular Participants and Guests at the Garden of Alla.
• “Mercedes de Acosta was the greatest starfucker ever!”
• Alla Nazimova lovers and sexual partners.
• Erich von Stroheim’s orgies scenes.
• Lana Turner’s 14-year-old daughter, Cheryl, stabbed to death Lana’s boyfriend
• Billie Dove and Flo Ziegfel.
• 80% of Hollywood major stars are phony!
• Rudolph Valentino: A male prostitute!
• This is what we know about Rudolph Valentino.
• Fake Hollywood
• Phony Hollywood and fake “Latin Lovers”:
• All were homosexuals and bisexuals, except one!
• Latin Lover, Ricardo Montalban, a real man!
• Pola Negri was a notorious bisexual, who had numerous affairs with Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.
• Humphrey Bogart, Howard Hughes and Jean Harlow’s abortion.
• Her personal quotes.
• Jean Harlow’s lovers and sexual partners
• Veronica Lake died alone, penniless and destitute.
• Ann Savage.
• Barbara Payton or one of Hollywood’s worst human tragedies!
• Barbara LaMarr, Hedy Lamarr, and Louis B. Mayer.
• Florence Lawrence.
• Wallace Reid, Hollywood’s first victim of drugs, morphine, heroin, and cocaine.
• Horny, vulgarissimo Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunne, and A…Sex!
• No hygiene whatsoever for Lee Marvin, Clark Gable, and Rock Hudson.