This book tells the story of my journey from being a victim of domestic violence to becoming a survivor. Even after I was fortunate enough to get out; I remained a victim. The reason I remained a victim is because I believed what my abusers told me. I believed that the abuse was my fault. I believed that I was worthless. I believed that I did not deserve a better life. I did not realize that my beliefs were based on the lies that my abusers told me. Once I discovered the truth, I was able to make my way out of the darkness. I was able to break free of the chains that held me back for so long. It was a long and painful journey, but I kept going. I stopped believing the lies. I found new ways of playing the cards I was dealt. I made the journey. I survived! There were many who have helped and supported me on my journey and I am forever thankful for them. Without their help and my determination, I may not have made it. That would have been a tragedy. That is why I wrote this book. I want other victims to see that there is a way out and it is not their fault. There is hope. There is help. Every victim deserves a voice and every victim deserves a chance to make it. It is my sincere hope that this book encourages other victims to find their voice, to ask for help, and to break free of the chains that are keeping them from the life they deserve. Life is never easy. However, once you make the journey from being a victim to being a survivor; your life will improve dramatically.