Most of these ten stories were nominated for one prize or another, if that sort of thing is important to you. Several of the ten, including “The Blue Devils of Blue River Avenue” and “Brasalina” are routinely assigned in literature and drawing classes. In “Brasalina” a seven-year-old boy meets his twenty-three year old Brazilian grandmother for the first time. “The Blue Devils of Blue River Avenue,” the title story, is constructed around a bewildered eight-year-old girl found one morning bleeding in her gown on the misty front lawn of a neighbor. In “711 Suicide” an unworldly nineteen-year-old kicked out of the house by his father must fend for himself, only to discover he has criminal tendencies. In “Mayfly Glimmer Before Last Call,” powerful orange psychedelic mushrooms breed a brief but spectacular romance. In “Moon Over Chocolate Mountain,” our sophisticated and straight-shooting hero has a smidge more to learn than he’d like about the nature of sex and treachery. “The Hunt and the Kill” is also about screwing, but told from an innocent’s perspective. There's a taste of the ten stories, my beloved readers, each lavishly illustrated by one of five amazing artists: Abigail Goh, JoJo Seames, Lorri Meng, Dave Jannetta, and Thomas Hughes, all of whom I’d like to thank here once again and a million times more. If you’ve read and enjoyed any of my other work, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed here.