Book 2 Description

I suppose there are gurus all over the world who could tell me how to relax and what I need to do to get myself in a calm, peace-filled state where my mind is open and all the answers flow toward me like lotus on a pond. If one of those masters happened to be in front of me at this moment, I would reach out, put both hands around his neck and shake him over and over screaming, “Why is everything so hard?!!!”

But, there are no gurus here.Just Jim and I standing in the lobby of the Four Seasons while he tries to explain to me how he lost August and what the plan is for finding the young addict in a huge city we can’t possibly canvas effectively.

Book 3 Description

I remember the first top floor suite I ever saw. It was a penthouse room in the Joule Hotel in Dallas. It was my honeymoon. Percy met a rancher and his wife in the bar who invited us up for a drink to celebrate our new marriage. The couple was staying in the penthouse.I remember my mouth dropping as I walked in the door. Plate glass window overlooking the city, telescope, a jacuzzi, and fully stocked bar.My heart was full of stars. Percy motioned around the room, “Someday, baby, we will stay in rooms like this all the time.”

***Content warning: For adults only!***