I loved this book — it took the first hundred pages to adapt to the structure, but once I did my teeth crumbled biting down. I appreciate Anonymous Celebrity even more after reading this earlier work. One of the characters, Danilo, gives away Kis' influence, the river of nouns and details as in Encyclopedia of the Dead, a style which Brandao assimilates in an entirely original voice. And the nightmare sections. Lydia Davis must have read this book! (For example I'm thinking of Brandao's section "The Wire Vegetable Garden" or "The Swallowing Swimming Pool" and Davis' "The White Tribe" from Samuel Johnson Is Indignant.) It pains me to give this novel four stars, but as a complete work it's not on the same level as Anonymous Celebrity. Granted, it was published 26 years earlier. Still, a great read. - Ryan O'Connor