Everybody knows what the afterlife is supposed to be
like- sitting on clouds, playing harps, reunited with loved
ones.But what if it's not?What if there were suddenly
irrefutable proof that the afterlife is hardly heaven and
actually far worse than any religion's hell?What if
instead of eternal bliss we'll someday find ourselves,
regardless of faith or good works, trapped in a maddening
existence of darkness and solitiude, our senses, save our
anguished thoughts, gone.In fact, some near death experiences have
revealed just such a terrifying isolation.What if this
were our afterlife- forever?

The premise of A Joyful Noise is that one man, through
an accidental communication with the dead, finds proof of
such an afterlife.How he, and ultimately the world, must
deal with this horrifying prospect will inspire your
nightmares as you ponder "what if"?

About The Author

Jeff Horn has written numerous magazine articles on music and entertainment,
and is the author of the book "Hungry Heart:The Music of Bruce
Springsteen"."A Joyful Noise" is his first novel.