1. People who read my books.

2. My children. (Please don’t tell my kids I listed fans before them. You may cause a riot in my home. They’re pretty feisty kids.)

3. My cats and dogs when they’re not making me sniffle, sneeze, rub my eyes or irritating my asthma. (Scratch that, they always do and I love them anyway.)

4. Writing. (I would have listed this first, but it would have looked bad. Worse than putting fans before my kids.)

5. Good friends. (Fortunately, I have several.)

6. Quiet evenings at home in front of the fireplace reading a good book. (Please, like that’s going to happen with five kids in the house - but I can dream can’t I?)

7. I got stuck here so I asked a couple of friends to tell me their fondest memory of me. This is what I got:

Deb: It was when you used to babysit Michael and rode the horse in Meijer so he could ride with you. first trip to TX for a wedding. You were at my house and said you would put my clothes in the dryer when they were done. Needless to say, the next morning I had to pack wet clothes in my suitcase. The airline lost my luggage for 4 days so when I finally got it back, my clothes were all mildewed. (Okay, in my defense – I was twelve at the time. The sad thing is, I still forget to put clothes in the dryer.)

Michele: I have too many…but one of the first that popped in my head was how you drove all the way to Chicago to look at my apartment for me because I was too hung over, and then gave me all the details so I could pretend I was there. You are a good friend... (It was only a seven hour round trip. What are friends for?)

Joe: A particular Domino’s pizza delivery and you invited the delivery guy inside…(I’m going to stop there because my ex-husband thinks he’s funny.)

For obvious reasons, I didn’t ask anyone else.


1. Puppies, kittens, babies, sunshine, peace on earth, goodwill, recycling, education, gifts, and sweets of any kind. (Really, I do.)

2. Being facetious. (I would never dream of it!)

3. People who don’t read my books. (Well, maybe not all of them. But, most of them.)

4. People who always manage to stop by the house when I look terrible. (You know who you are…)

5. Lumberjacks. (Don’t know why, just do.)

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