This particular book in a popular series I found only so-so.

First, Maggie O'Dell did not impress me.She spends a lot of time on her personal problems—-reliving her father's death, problems with her alcoholic mother and her own emtional problems.How did this lady every pass a psychological exam? (Maybe the FBI does not care about the stability of their agents—woundn't surprise me!)

Next, the villain of the piece is the sterotype we've all seen—the fundamentalist leader of a religious cult, and his deluded folloers.I know religion is not "in" anymore in our society, but all religious believers are not exploiters or deluded fools!!It made me want to throw out a challange to her—andANY mystery writer.Just as a test of your writing skills, write a character who is a real person AND a fundamentalist Christian.They do exist, you know.

Third, whether you are religious or not, this is poor writing:we have Four characters who use the expletive ("Je—s"). Over and over again till I was sick of seeing it.I felt like asking the writer, did you think to maybe vary this with an occasional "Oh My God" or "Good heavens",.I mean just for a little variety, you know.

Admittedly, there are bits and pieces of good wring and some of the suspense scenes are pretty good.But I did not like this book very much and I am in no hurry to read another soon.

Recommended for patient and/or desperate mystery fans. There are many bettersereis out there to spend your time on.