This is a pagan review of a book assembled by Russell Baker who has been a two time Pulitzer Prize winner, a columnist for the New York Times and the host of television's Masterpiece Theater. Inaddition the sources of humor for this book include among many others Mark Twain, Larry King, O'Henry, Nora Ephron, Ring Lardner, Art Buckwold and Abraham Lincoln. So, with those credentials and support, I offer my opinion. This book is not funny and there will be very few times that you will even attempt a snicker. It is clever, it is intellectual, the material is well written, but if this is an example of American humor it is an eletist view. I am not of the opinion that Uncle Milty, Vaudville, sight gags, the Three Stooges or Henny Youngman are the standard either, but this sample is simply not representative. I understand why we have the phrase "Sense of Humor" because I have learned that this covers a wide number of choices, but if this is the book of "American Humor", then it must take place somewhere else in the Americas.