Ann B. Ross's most recent novel, "Miss Julia's School of Beauty," was a "New York Times" extended bestseller, with more fans drawn to Miss Julia's adventures every outing. "Miss Julia Stands Her Ground" finds our steel magnolia looking forward to many peaceful and happy years with her new husband, Sam. But she still has plenty to worry about. When Hazel Marie's troublemaking uncle, Brother Vernon Puckett, comes back to town, he claims to have conclusive proof that Little Lloyd is not the son of Miss Julia's late, philandering husband Wesley Lloyd Springer-a fact to which Miss Julia would have gladly subscribed a few years back. But that was then, before Miss Julia's life revolved around Little Lloyd, before that magical holiday when he became the apple of her eye. With DNA testing the only possible way to settle the dispute, Miss Julia shudders at the thought of exhuming her dead husband's body. But her housekeeper Lillian has a few souvenirs of Wesley Lloyd's life tucked away that, though a little creepy, might just be the key to ending the whole ugly mess. Another hilarious adventure, "Miss Julia Stands Her Ground" confirms what we know in our hearts-family is always thicker than blood.
Praise for Ann B. Ross and the Miss Julia series:
"Miss Julia is one of the most delightful characters to come along in years."
-Fannie Flagg
"Funny and endearing."
-"The Dallas Morning News"