Harry Falk has lived a very difficult life. As an Omega in the North Pack, he was treated as the least of society and suffered near constant abuse at the hands of Alpha Gregory and his inner circle. He lived with his brother Owen and their friend Reese, three Omega outcasts on the edge of Pack Territory. After Reese is mated with Ethan Rue of the Rue Pack, Harry and Owen were rescued from certain death and now live in freedom and security as full members of the Rue Pack - thanks to the kindness of Alpha James. Harry and his brother were saved by a man they knew little about, the new Beta Wilson Sinclair. Harry couldn’t deny he felt a deep attraction for his surprise savior, but he pushed it down out of fear. Since then, weeks have passed and Wilson Sinclair is now the Alpha of the North Pack. He challenged Alpha Gregory and is in the process of remaking the North Pack into a welcoming and safe environment - all to make a happy home for his mate and the love of his life, Harry Falk.

Harry is suspect of Wilson’s motives, after years of torture at the hands of powerful wolves, but Wilson is intent on proving his devotion and his love. Harry, the little Omega wolf, is just what Wilson has been dreaming out all these years. Can Harry overcome his fear and give them a chance at a true forever love? Wilson won’t give up, for his Omega mate, he will wait forever.