Smithsonian Birds of North America: Life Histories of More Than 930 Species (Specially Priced Hardcover Gift Edition)

A must-have reference for birders across North America, this comprehensive Smithsonian reference is now available in an attractively priced gift edition, sure to be cherished for years to come. This comprehensive reference includes full-page profiles of more than 930 species - all the birds known to breed in the United States or Canada, as well as regular visitors and vagrants to the continent. Birds of North America provides essential identification tips on each species, together with fascinating information on feeding and behavior, breeding, and nesting habits.Identification. Full-page species profiles combine a precise description and annotated photographs to highlight the key field marks of the adult male.Other plumages are portrayed with photographs or artworks if they differ significantly. Species similar to the one profiled are shown with a brief summary of the key differences. An explanation of the typical flight pattern of each species includes both schematic artworks and a verbal description.Life histories. Knowledge of behavior can be critical to differentiate between similar species, and an understanding of life histories enhances the total birding experience. Each profile includes a description of the typical vocalizations, feeding behavior, breeding, nesting, population, and conservation concerns. A range map shows each bird's occurrence in North America during summer, winter, and during migration.The author, Frederick Joseph Alsop, III Ph.D. is an ornithologist and a professor of biological sciences at East Tennessee State University. He received his doctorate in zoology from the University of Tennessee, and specializes in the ecology, distribution, life history, and taxonomy of birds. An avid field biologist and birder, he has identified more than 3,200 species of birds worldwide.A gorgeous volume of more than 1000 full-color pages, this is a gift book to be enjoyed by generations of bird watchers.This special edition, originally published at $60.00, is available to customers at a special low price.