Each of us is born with — and develops over time — a set of traits that make up our character. Some of these traits make us more effective in life (and in different areas of life); while others cause us to be not so effective. The good news is that, as human beings, we can work on ourselves in order to master these inclinations, thus becoming more effective in all aspects of life both business and personal.

Over 200 years ago, an American sage by the name of Benjamin Franklin changed his life by devising a method in which he could transform some of his least effective character traits into some of his strongest ones. Several years ago, the author followed Dr Franklin's advice and saw his own life change in much the same way.

If you follow this system — implementing the information right away — your life will never be the same. Implementing this system AND teaching it to those you love, those with whom you work, and anyone else interested in bettering themselves and their lives, will be the greatest gift you can give them.