As the marauding Ghebite army storms her island kingdom, one of the last survivors of the legendary T'En defies the invaders - and becomes the last hope for her people.

Imoshen makes a formidable opponent for the infamous Ghebite conqueror, General Tulkhan. Trained in the ancient arts of war and diplomacy, she has inherited the dark magical powers of her T'En ancestors. According to legend, their wine-dark eyes can see into a man's soul.

To win back her kingdom, Imoshen must learn to harness the mysterious gifts long forbidden to her. But first she must convince General Tulkhan that a T'En princess is more useful to him alive than dead.

Just as she gains his trust, Reothe, leader of the rebel forces and once Imoshen's betrothed, forces her to make a terrible choice. Pure T'En, Reothe has learnt to exploit his powers fully. With the last T'En princess at his side, he would be unbeatable.

To save her people Imoshen must choose between her past and her future...