Amazon top reviewer Gisela Hausmann reveals best strategies for seeking book reviews.
All books need more reviews
A proven fact
Authors have all advantages on their side
That’s me
How to build up reviews strategically
Getting reviews from friends, colleagues, and friends of friends
What if you don’t have too many friends who enjoy reading?
5-star reviews that don’t help
1-star reviews that help selling books
What you need to know about fake reviews
Getting reviews from people who attend book signings
Getting reviews from (local) newspaper editors
Getting reviews from known book bloggers
Why you need to save blogs – forever
Buying reviews from paid review services
Getting reviews from Amazon top reviewers
Always remember – asking for reviews is about your book
The best strategy is to stick to your genre and show off
How to react to negative book reviews
Do not give away information nobody needs to know
Authors’ worst mistake
Authors’ second worst mistake
Author’s third worst mistake
What if your book already has a few ‘not helpful’ reviews?
Finding a mentor
7 Thoughts to keep you going